Javascript is a kind of lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented programming language that has first-class functions and it is best known as the scripting language for web pages. Although it uses many non-browser environments as well. There’s a great misconception or confusion about javascript that Is Javascript synchronous or Asynchronous?

Well, Javascript is Synchronous, It is synchronous, single-threaded language. Because it has a single thread that’s why it can only execute one command at a time and the other commands need to wait for executing before the running command executes. And the term synchronous means one at a time. …

== vs === ?

In JavaScript, there is confusion about it. What should i use == or ===. But you must know the difference between them. They are not the same thing. If you open your browser console and type

‘10’ == 10 // true; and ‘10’ === 10 // false.

Because, === equal are strictly compare value weather == are not.

Null vs undefined?

Null value and undefined value are explicitly the same. There are 6 undefined values. Undefined can be many ways. But mainly undefined is falsy value.

If you declare a variable and don't pass a value…


React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible javascript library for building User Interfaces of Web and Mobile Applications. It’s a library that used to make web applications. React is an open-source platform and it maintains by Facebook.


React is not a framework it’s a library.

A framework provides you with the certainty that you are developing an application that is in full compliance with the business rules, that is structured, and that is both maintainable and upgradable. But frameworks bind us in a certain way. …

ECMASCRIPT 6 was the 2nd major revision of Javascript.ECMAScript 6 is also known as ES6 and ECMAScript 2015. Let’s deep dive into some ES6 essentials we must need to know.

ES6 introduced two new keywords to the js programmer. That are Const & let.

Const: We declare const instead of using var if the value of the variable is not going to be changed on code.

Let: We declare let if the variable value is going to change in further future. Let’s see an example of using const and let keyword instead of using var.

const name = “rimon”; //not…

Javascript is a scripting language that allows us to do lot’s of features in “Web Page”.

Javascript is the most used programming language in recent years. Many of us have a great fear of some javascript functions and methods. Let’s talk about some of them….

01.Difference Between Math.floor and Math.round?

Although Math.floor function and Math.round looks like they are mostly doing similar jobs but there’s a little bit of difference between them.

First try to understand Math.floor();

Let’s consider we took a variable

var equation = 3/2;

console.log(equation); //returns 1.5

The result we will get by it is 1.5.


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